Handmade Concrete Triple Bottle Tray | Soap Dispenser Tray
Large charcoal concrete tray for soap dispensers and wood pot brush
Handmade Concrete Triple Bottle Tray | Soap Dispenser Tray
Large handmade grey concrete soap bottle tray
Large triple soap dispenser concrete tray
large charcoal concrete tray for three soap bottles
Large concrete tray to hold three soap dispensers
Large White concrete soap dispenser tray
Urban Ember

Handmade Concrete Triple Bottle Tray | Soap Dispenser Tray

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Corral your bottles and declutter your countertop with a modern concrete tray. These sturdy concrete trays are hand poured in Washington and designed to fit three glass bottles perfectly. Exclusive to Urban Ember. 

The outer dimensions are approximately 10"L x 4"W x 1"H and 0.5" deep.

Due to the handmade nature, each tray will be unique. Slight variations in texture and some small holes due to air bubbles (as shown in the photos) are a natural occurrence in concrete.

Concrete is a porous material and though they are sealed, they may show stains from water or soap.


How do I clean the bottle?
These bottles are not dishwasher safe. To clean off any soap residue on the label, rinse under water and very gently rub the soap off with your fingers, being extra careful with the letters.

How do I take care of the trays?
Both the wood and concrete are porous materials. They are sealed, which will protect it from splashes of water, but any pooling of water in or under the tray may cause damages. Over time the sealant will wear off and can be reapplied.

Do you sell just the labels?
Sorry, but I do not sell the labels on their own.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Trisha Sullivan
Exactly What I Was Looking For!

Purchased a tray, 2 bottles, scrub tray and brush. Fits perfect behind my sink and looks wonderful in my kitchen. The pumps work great and it holds lots of soap! Love how the bottles, the scrub tray fit perfect in the larger tray.

Deanna Basden
Beautiful tray!

Recently purchased a tray, 2 bottles and scrub brush. Could not be happier…they are exactly what I was looking for. Kinda expensive but awesome!

brit lanier
Better than imagined!

Absolutely love everything I ordered! Perfect and beautiful addition to our kitchen!


Great size and heavy!

Lynette Nelson
Beautifully Aesthetic

Chic design, up grades your counter top with a monochromatic look