Modern matte black glass soap and lotion dispenser
Minimalist refillable glass matte black hand and dish soap dispensers
Matte black hand and dish soap bottle set with concrete tray
Refillable matte black glass lotion bottle
Reusable matte black glass hand soap dispenser with black metal pump
Refillable matte black glass dish soap bottle with black metal pump
Refillable matte black kitchen or bathroom soap dispenser with metal pump
Reusable matte black glass lotion dispenser
Urban Ember

Modern Collection - Matte Black Glass Modern Black Hand Soap, Dish Soap, Soap or Lotion Dispensers

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These matte black glass soap bottles are perfect for the kitchen or bathroom. The glass is powder coated black and the design is printed directly on the bottle making them extra durable for every day use. They each hold 16oz of your favorite soap or lotion. Dimensions of each glass container are approximately 6.5" tall with a 2.75" diameter. Bottles are sold individually.

The metal pumps are made of stainless steel and painted matte black.

Purchase a tray to instantly corral the bottles and declutter your sink space. Wood, ceramic and concrete trays sold separately.


How do I clean the bottle?
These bottles are not dishwasher safe. To clean off any soap residue on the label, rinse under water and very gently rub the soap off with your fingers, being extra careful with the letters.

How do I take care of the trays?
Both the wood and concrete are porous materials. They are sealed, which will protect it from splashes of water, but any pooling of water in or under the tray may cause damages. Over time the sealant will wear off and can be reapplied.

Do you sell just the labels?
Unfortunately I do not sell labels.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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erin monahan
The perfect kitchen accessory!

I love my Urban Ember soap dispensers so much that I now include them with my client closing gifts for new homeowners! They’re so well made with attention to detail, and I love that I now have a beautiful and sustainable option for something I use daily!

Marie Purvis

Modern Collection - Matte Black Glass Modern Black Hand Soap, Dish Soap, Soap or Lotion Dispensers

Deborah Porter
Matte Black hand soap bottle

Bottle is great!

Suzanne Cassella
Modern Collection

I made a big mistake and showed my two older sisters what I bought!! How come I didn’t learn my lesson from when I was a kid? Well, now I have to order them sets! They love, love my dispensers as much as I do! They never saw anything more beautiful than your product! I still have to show them your other products, they’ll really have a hard time choosing! I’m just thankful they don’t live close by, so they don’t steal my set like we used to steal each others clothes when we were younger!! They both reminded me that their birthdays are coming up! Ugh, sisters... gotta love them though huh?!! Thank you again for your wonderful work! Looks like your adding more customers to your list!